Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sylvia Frances Author Interview

 Deciding to interview other authors is a big step for me. First of all, I have to stop ringing the Antediluvian Steampunk bell and beating the Dragoneers drum and focus on other outstanding works of literature. After considering how long it takes for me to finish new books, I decided it would be best for me to share this page with authors my readers might be interested in. My first author interview is with Sylvia Frances.

After facing much death in her life, Sylvia came face to face with Christ and was called to write the Immortal series. The blessings Jesus has given her overwhelms her with joy each day. She is happily married, has two furry children (a shih tzu and a cat), and recently graduated college with honors. One of her careers, besides working as an author, is a newspaper journalist for her local town.

American Christian Fiction Writers and The Paranormal Romance Guild are two large writing organizations of which Sylvia is a proud member. Sylvia's two debut Christian novels Immortal Memory Books One and Two were released on Amazon on December 9, 2014. She's dedicated part of her website to reveal others’ testimonies who have also faced death and found life in Christ.

C. D. Sutherland: So nice to have you visit the Antediluvian Steampunk Operations Center (ASOC). Please, have a seat on my dragon-skin couch, uh, it's just mock dragon-skin, of course.

Sylvia Frances: It certainly looks the way I'd imagine dragon-skin to appear. I’m honored to be interviewed for your website, Charles. May I call you Charles?

C. D. Sutherland: Certainly. After all, it is my name as it is my father's, and before him, his father's.

Sylvia Frances: Oh, quite the family tradition. Your books are very intriguing, and I look forward to reading the next one. I take great interest in reading and learning what I can about the supernatural, such as angels and fallen angels. Most importantly, there can never be enough read or learned about Christ Himself. He is the Ultimate Immortal in my books and in my life.

C. D. Sutherland: Amen to that, but let's get to our interview about you and your books. I have a few questions.

Sylvia Frances: Fire when ready.

C. D. Sutherland: In your own words, what is the Immortal Memory series about?

Sylvia Frances: Immortal Memory (Book One) is about how Simra Reece, owner of Reece Alzheimer's Care Facility, is determined to prolong her grandmother's life at the home and find a cure for the horrendous illness.  Nothing will stop her from taking care of her precious grandmother, who is the only family she has left.  But Simra's world comes crashing down when her ex-fiancĂ©, Tristan, returns with a deadly obsession on forcing her into marriage. Tristan is a danger to Simra and her grandmother, but he isn't just any normal man. He is dark and powerful.   The only chance Simra has of survival is placing her trust in his tall and handsome twin brother, Zach Hanley, who seems to have a hidden, dark past with her grandmother. Together, she and Zach must release their guilt of the past, learn to forgive, and place all their trust in Christ for their protection against the evil forces surrounding them.

Immortal Memory, A Cursed Affair (Book Two) is the prequel to Immortal Memory, which is Simra's grandmother's story.  Twenty-year-old Lucinda Glenn travels to Texas from Louisiana for one mission only.  She wants to find her missing father who has been gone for far too long.  Everything is mysteriously falling apart back home, and the family needs him.  When she runs into Detective Zachriel Hanley and Melton Reece, foreign feelings awaken in her that she's never felt.  They offer to help her, but something is strange about Zachriel.  When Zachriel's more than charming twin brother offers more help than what Zachriel offers to find her father, she is swept off her feet by the charming and wealthy man. But looks can be deceiving. As she feels her and her family's lives threatened by Zachriel's twin, Lucinda realizes that Melton and Zachriel are the only ones she can trust.  When Melton tells her Zachriel's twin is responsible for much evil committed against her and Melton and how he plans to force her into marriage, she becomes aware that she and Melton must learn to understand that God allows certain situations to happen for a reason.  But they must trust Him. Love and patience is the only way to break evil's curse.

C. D. Sutherland: What inspired you to write these two books?

Sylvia Frances:  My great-grandmother had Alzheimer's when she was alive, and I saw how deadly and tragic this illness can be.  But a terrible curse can always lead to a blessing later on.

I've also witnessed that there can be toxic, obsessive, and abusive relationships that can change the victim being abused.  During the relationship the victim feels like they are in an inescapable prison with no faith in God.  All they have is fear and sadness.  But God ALWAYS has the miraculous power to give the victim an escape, to destroy their fear, and find glorious faith.

C. D. Sutherland: What drives you to keep writing?

Sylvia Frances: God. He's the one who gives me all the ideas and gives me the determination to write each day. My husband also is a huge inspiration and support.

C. D. Sutherland: What are you currently working on at this moment?

Sylvia Frances: I'm currently working on Immortal Memory:  Her Darkest Hour (Book Three), which will be a surprise.  It starts close to where Book One left off.  In Book Three, we find out if Azazel returns to claim what's rightfully his.  Simra.  Or is it just Simra facing several traumatic experiences?  Book Three will release in April 2015.

C. D. Sutherland: Where can readers connect with you and keep up with your latest releases?

Sylvia Frances: Readers can go to my website:, like my facebook page entitled Sylvia Frances, and find me on Twitter Sylvia Frances@SylviaFrances1.

C. D. Sutherland: This has been great. I'm so glad you could visit with me.

Sylvia Frances: It has been my pleasure. I couldn't help but to notice all the interesting objects in here. That glossy black thing looks like the Cainite blasters described in your novels.

C. D. Sutherland: Oh, that. It is just a mock up. Not functional at all.

Sylvia Frances: But this thing on the coffee table, it looks like a Yomadayom. Could it be?

C. D. Sutherland: Oh, that's just a mock up--don't turn those dials, don't touch that!

Sylvia Frances: If it's just a mock up, what harm could it do?

C. D. Sutherland: [nervous laughter as he moves the object out of reach] No harm, no harm at all. Whew, it is getting late, so it's time for you to go. Best wishes for success on these two fantastic sounding novels. You're doing great things for all the right reasons.