The Lost Dragoneer

The Chronicles of Susah: Book Two

In an ancient kingdom lived a now forgotten but history-shaping warrior named Susah, who was one of the few of her race gifted with special abilities allowing her to see other people's thoughts and even communicate with animals. In a quest for self-actualization, she left her family at an early age and leveraged her gifts to become an officer in the exclusive Dragoneer Corps, the dragon-commanding fighters protecting her homeland from the encircling communities of savage enemies intent on the annihilation of Susah's entire race. As fate would have it, Susah joined the Dragoneer Corps just in time to lead the organization to its demise in the pivotal Battle of Pison.

The dragoneers repelled the invasion, but the war isn't over. Their Pyrrhic victory offers little comfort in light of the self-absorbed citizens' apathy to political corruption and faltering leadership. Most disheartening, everyone seems oblivious of an imminent danger. 

Susah may be the most talented dragoneer ever, but raw ability is not enough to sustain a military career. Rejected and feeling abandoned, Susah bitterly turns her talents toward serving her personal pursuit of happiness, but the challenges have just begun.

Abaddon, a fallen angel nearly as old as time itself, and his demonic followers were held at bay for centuries by the Sethicans' warrior spirit and their amazing technologies. After acquiring those same technologies from Sethican traitors, the would-be god refuses to be contained any longer. He is encouraged by the condition of the current generation of Seth's progeny, decadent and weak. Abaddon leads his formidable army of Nephilim into Sethican territory to wage war against an under-funded, poorly-equipped defense force led by incompetents. 

Just as Susah begins to prosper as a civilian, an old mentor urges her to return to military service. She refuses due to ambivalence fueled not only by disdain for the selfish behavior of her fellow citizens, but also by growing self-absorption. Susah's initial rejection of the recall to service challenges her mentor to find a way to convince her to abandon self-interest for the greater good. He believes Susah may be the only chance for the last pure descendants of Adam to survive. 

The Lost Dragoneer defies conventional classification. Action and combat, fantastic technology, and intriguing spiritual possibilities abound, but Susah's humanity and happiness are the real quest. This is a coming of age story wrapped in an epic adventure inside the antediluvian age.

Publication Date: January 3, 2013 

You can purchase the eBook version for $3.99. THE LOST DRAGONEER 

You can purchase the printed Book version here: THE LOST DRAGONEER

NOTE: A revised second edition is being edited this year. The new edition will be free to current owners of the Kindle version. The first edition of the printed book will be discontinued prior to the revised edition being released sometime near the end of 2014.

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