About C. D. Sutherland

C. D. Sutherland is a B-52 pilot turned novelist with his THE CHRONICLES OF SUSAH series. These novels defy conventional classification as they blend action and emotional tension with technology and spiritual intrigue in a coming of age story wrapped in an epic adventure set in the antediluvian age.

Born in Virginia, to the son of a coal-miner, who escaped a life in the dark Appalachian mines by joining the U.S. military, C. D. Sutherland also joined the military. After high school, he served in the Air Force for thirty-two years, seeing much of the world and doing things most men have only dreamed about doing.

B-52 Pilot and others, 1974 - 2006
Charles Sutherland is a thirty-two year veteran of the United States Air Force. As a B52 pilot, instructor pilot and Combat Flight Instructor Course (CFIC) instructor he acquired over 3,700 flight hours. In addition, he served in leadership positions at state-side staff assignments and during combat operations in remote, dangerous areas of the world. The legacy of his service is held high by the three pillars of the Air Force core values: integrity, service before self, and excellence in everything.

Training Manager, 2007 - 2009 
Solved training challenges by leading a small team of experts, using analytical tools, databases, and spreadsheets to monitor and track a diversified collection of military specialties, while expanding the unit beyond traditional missions.

MacAulay Brown
Principal Analyst, 2009 - 2011

Principal Analyst and supervisor for a team of analysts supporting Air Force Global Strike Command. Provided expertise for all current and future AFGSC assigned nuclear/strategic bomber force applications operations. Provided MAJCOM Functional Area Manager (FAM) oversight for Air and Space Operations Center (AOC) functionality.

Narrow Way Press
Executive Editor, 2011 - present
Charles Sutherland manages and oversees all functions of Narrow Way Press LLC in addition to being the publisher's best-selling author. His debut novel, THE DRAGONEERS together with its sequels, THE LOST DRAGONEER and THE LAST DRAGONEER has created a new genre called Antediluvian SteamPunk. He has also written a nonfiction book on deterrence theory and a children's book, which he also illustrated.

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