Tuesday, January 29, 2019

My father's sister, Peggy Elzinia Blossom passed away on Sunday, January 19, 2019, at her residence in Flint, Michigan. She was 78. I find it interesting how 78 doesn't sound old to me, not anymore it doesn't. So forgive me if your perspective is different when I say, "That seems too young to be gone."

My sisters and I have changed roles with our aunts and uncles, who have left us now. Save one, which is Martha, my grandfather's last child, who is at least a decade younger than I am. 

A Funeral Service was held for Peggy at 1 PM Wednesday, January 23, 2019, at Allen Funeral Home, 9136 Davison Rd., Davison, Michigan 48423; Pastor David Miller officiated. The burial was in the Thetford Township Cemetery. 

Peggy was born in Worth, West Virginia on August 28, 1940, daughter of the late Charles and Katherine (Reed) Sutherland. She married John "Jack" Blossom on May 3, 1962. Peggy is survived by her husband, John, whom I always knew as Jack; a sister, Martha; many nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her parents and brothers, Charles and Jackie.

Peggy was an outspoken person, who dealt with everyone however she seemed fit. Sometimes that could be difficult for some people. My Uncle Jack always loved her and took great care to make the last months of her life as comfortable as possible. If you feel like praying for this, please remember him. He misses her more than anyone as those 56 years went too quickly for him.

Nobody is perfect, save one, and that is the Lord Jesus, whom she is with now. The roll is being called "up yonder" and I look forward with a solid hope that I'll join the family circle when it is my time.  That time will come much later, as I still have many things to do before I'm done. After all, I'm still young.

Goodbye, Peggy. Rest in peace, I'll see you again. Hug your Mom for me.