Thursday, November 20, 2014

What is Antediluvian Steampunk?

I'm glad you asked.

Antediluvian SteamPunk is an emerging Retro-Futurfantastic genre that synthesizes Literary/Biblical Fiction with traditional Science Fiction/Steampunk. It is void of profanity and doesn’t have gratuitous sensuality, but it does have emotional tension and physical conflict. It incorporates Biblical history to support the fantasy elements, which dominate the adventure, without being preachy. Someone expecting a Sunday school story will be disappointed, but those who enjoy high adventure will be rewarded.

Three novels of the The Chronicles of Susah series: The Dragoneers, The Lost Dragoneer, and The Last Dragoneer. At 110,000+ words, the shortest of the three novels is the first book. The eBook of The Dragoneers is available for 99 cents at Amazon, but can be downloaded for free at B&N, iBooks, and Smashwords. As with many other books, the first few chapters can be read at Amazon before make the 99-cent investment.

Susah, the 17-year-old protagonist struggles with her desire for high adventure against the call to follow her brothers’ example to help her father built the ark. Yes, that ark, but this is no typical flood story. 

Antediluvian steampunk is something different. If the first book doesn’t capture the reader’s imagination and leave them wanting more, then the rest of the series probably won’t be for them either. With increasing velocity, the subsequent adventures build on the same theme, until the expected comes in an unexpected way at the end of the third novel; however, this reading adventure is not so much about the destination as it is about the journey through a complex labyrinth of metaphors, strange technologies, and cultural challenges woven together with spiritual interpolations and uncommon imagination so different, that it might create a thirst for more answers to questions yet unasked.

Lauded by readers of all ages, the thematic challenges faced by the protagonist make it especially suited for young adults.

The Dragoneers at Amazon

The Lost Dragoneer at Amazon

The Last Dragoneer at Amazon

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