Friday, May 16, 2014

One Day Old

Gators and Friends has something new. They're well known in northern Louisiana for their alligator park, exotic petting zoo, pony rides, and zip line, but did you know that yesterday a newborn llama was added to the herd?

Gators and Friends is one of my favorite places and their season passes are a bargain if you share my enthusiasm. Today I saw the newborn llama and captured the picture you see with this posting. I marveled at its little face and relaxed posture as we hand-fed the adult llamas standing guard. My iPhone's zoom allowed me to appear to be closer than I really was.

Yesterday was an eventful day for me also. After many months of writing, editing, editing, editing, and editing. The printed version of my third novel was approved for publishing. You read right, THE LAST DRAGONEER was published in print on 15 May 2014. Many of your already know, Susah's third great adventure has been available via Kindle since 26 March 2014, but this is the printed book. Like a lot folks, I enjoy holding a tree book in my hands.

As with most independent publishers, my books sell in much greater numbers as an eBook than as a printed version. Some publishers forego the effort and expense involved with print because of that; however, I know a few people only read books in print. Since I believe my books are going to change the world one reader at a time, I need to reach everyone.

With 631 pages, THE LAST DRAGONEER dwarfs my first two novels and so does it's sticker price. Naturally, size is a key factor for a printed book's price.

If you're interested in an autographed copy, you can contact me through many venues. A popular one is via my Facebook Fan page, which if you're interested in an autographed copy you're probably interested in giving me a "like" over there, too.

Happy birthday to the littlest llama and to the longest adventure of Susah, also known as THE LAST DRAGONEER.

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